SSR Consulting Group Grant Writing Services & Fees

Program development, grant writing, grant team facilitation, and consulting services are contracted on a per project basis. Contracts will include a maximum fee for each project and an approximate time frame for which each project is to be completed. Scope of services, fees, and timelines will be clearly stated in the contract. Costs per project vary depending on your needs and the specific requirements of the project. However, we will work within your budget, whether it is $100 or $100,000. While we do bill on an hourly basis, we also like to give clients a cost estimate to write a grant. We give clients an idea of our overall price for a project, rather than simply quoting our hourly rate. That way, they have a sense of what the project will cost. Scope of work: Needs Assessment & Grant Research Includes conducting the initial needs assessment, researching and developing list of grant opportunities; and project proposal — action plan, timeline for completion, and structural framework for applying for the Grant Proposal Writing grant proposals includes letter of intent; planning, developing and writing the proposal; and Related Services Commonly include program development, and sustainability How you can reduce grant writing costs from your end: Please assign a contact person for me to communicate with throughout the duration of writing in case of questions. I maintain communication with my clients throughout the proposal writing process in order to reduce confusion and increase likelihood of receiving money. The better prepared and organized you are in regard to providing required information (identified in initial assessment consultation and throughout the process), the less your overall cost will be. Fee Structure Defined: Hourly rate — a deposit is required to start with the balance due prior to release of the final work product. Flat fee per project — depends on the complexity of the proposal, the amount of information in place and the length of time we have to complete the assignment. For flat-fee assignments, a 50% deposit is required to start work, with the other half due prior to release of the final work product. Program Planning and Strategic Planning services are provided on Flat fee basis only. Expenses – Expenses for all types of assignments are billed at cost + time. Disclaimer: *Prices are standard and may vary based on individual assessment, project proposal, and scope of work. Contract Fees are assessed based on content and delivery of services.

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